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Title: First PR Project for the Society
Post by: Tom Bishop on February 06, 2014, 08:32:08 AM
From the other forums, a number of ideas were brought up.

1. Create a video animation
2. Write an annotated edition of Earth Not a Globe
3. Improve the Wiki
4. Organize a Group Reddit AMA
5. Reach out to the press
6. Perform an experiment

Were there any other good ideas?

I see different kinds of pros and cons to each. While I would like to do them all, perhaps we as a group should decide what is MOST important, and should be focused on FIRST. Otherwise, if we try to do everything, delay and failure is imminent. When we decide on a direction to go threads should be created in the higher forums to gauge ideas from the community and help get things going.

The press thing, well, I sort of feel we need more substance to give the press than some information that a new forum was created because of technical issues and and lack of leadership. Maybe if we had a video, new wiki diagrams, annotated ENAG, or something, we could have something to show them. Also, if a name change is imminent, alerting the news right now would not be a good idea.

However, if it is felt that alerting the press should be our first and foremost goal, these feelings can be put aside.
Title: Re: First PR Project for the Society
Post by: Tau on February 08, 2014, 04:26:46 AM
I think our first action should be the press release. So long as everyone is good with the name, I'll draft it tomorrow

What do you guys think about creating an officialflatearthsociety tumblr?