What is on the other side of the Earth?
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I'm pretty new to the Flat Earth Society, and a friend got me started doing research. The biggest question I have that's gone unanswered is what's on the other side of the Earth?? Surely someone has flown a jet over and back. What does everyone think?

Re: What is on the other side of the Earth?
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It's difficult to say as you can't actually get to the edge. As you continue your research you'll find that not every Flat-earther holds the same views about features of the earth (other than, of course, its flatness).

For example, some say the Earth is infinitely wide and so you can never reach the edge.

Others will tell you that the edge is an ice wall patrolled by the US govt which stops intruders.

A third possibility is that

"As it is difficult for proponents of Flat Earth Theory to obtain grant money for scientific research, it is nigh on impossible to determine which of these theories is correct."

NOTE : This funding problem refers specifically to Universal Gravitation, but I assume that similar problems blight all their investigations.

Re: What is on the other side of the Earth?
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Since no one has ever gone there, we can only speculate. But it is likely that the opposite side is molten due to the accumulation of pressure caused by universal acceleration.
Hi y'all. I am a typical GENIUS girl who does NOT follow the masses and who does NOT blindly accept what is told to me without EVIDENCE. That being said, I don't believe in a lot of "facts" (the quotations mean they're NOT actual facts) including evolution, the holocaust, and the globular earth HYPOTHESIS.


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Re: What is on the other side of the Earth?
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Depending on where you are located currently. For me in Northern Australia directly opposite, as in tunneling straight through, lands me in the northern Atlantic Ocean. If you lived in Argentina, directly opposite would land you somewhere in China.