Media Team
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We are going to need to have a better structure for this. Designated voices for the community. We need to pick individuals who can talk and not make an arse of themselves.

We have a documentary request here

We have a Radio show request again just in tonight on Twitter. Also UK based.

Myself and pizzaplanet have done a few. I met up with him to do interviews for university thesis projects a few months back for example. We've had Tom Bishop do a few. I know Wilmore is good at them.

Flat Earth is having another of those surges in popularity and we are going to have a lot of requests in a short period.

So who should do these? Who volunteers? (no round earthers obviously - no one wants to talk to you, and no deranged half-wits from the flat side). The entire purpose is to represent the society in a positive way and get more people interested in it.


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Re: Media Team
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Don't get too excited about these random offers. If we really wanted to I'm pretty sure we could send out some emails at any time to some websites or radio shows and many would want to do a feature on us.