How UFOs and UAPs can explain how flat earth(s) works
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It just occured to me that if UFOs and UAPs are real,  which the US gov't is suggesting.. then it can help us understand how gravity works.   These machines can fly super fast and turn on a dime with pilots in them by eliminating momentum and transforming the very air pressure around them.

 Its like earth...  we can stand on earth as it moves in all directions and still not feel a thing.  what do they know?  Have they reversed engineered earth itself?
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Re: How UFOs and UAPs can explain how flat earth(s) works
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I have some doubts that such a craft would be manipulating gravity. If gravity could be manipulated then I would expect that a laboratory would have been able to discover some signs of it by now. There have been billions of dollars spent on trying to find the quantum or fundamental source of gravity, with researchers trying everything any anything, to little avail. Decades and decades of fundamental research has left the greatest minds in physics stumped. They have basically given up on it by now. If a scientist wanted to create something that did what a UFO did it would be easier to explore known existing phenomena.

A fly can make zig-zaggs through the air on a dime, unlike a plane.

A child who lets go of their balloon into the atmosphere can make vertical maneuvers that are somewhat difficult for a plane for perform.

I bet a plane can't distribute its weight like this:

In fact, by manipulating the angular momentum of a very heavy spinning wheel, its weight can be more easily manipulated. This guy is swinging around a heavy metal object above his head that he can't lift at all when not spinning.

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Re: How UFOs and UAPs can explain how flat earth(s) works
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One of the fundamental characteristics of any mass is it's ability to warp space and time.  It isn't the force of gravity that holds you on the surface of the earth it's the differences in the rates of the Earth's transit thru space time and yours.   Light in the presence of mass changes direction towards the mass.  This has been known for a long time and there was an experiment that proved it.  The earth goes thru time slower than you do.  When you are in contact with the earth your voyage thru time would be a bit faster than the Earth's but the earth is in the way so you feel the force of the earth slowing down your transit thru space & time.  You feel that force and call it your weight.  These properties of mass has been known for a while and perfectly explains how the orbits of the planets work.  If you want to deny gravity on a flat earth you will have to explain what is special about the mass of the Earth VS the masses of the other heavenly bodies.
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Re: How UFOs and UAPs can explain how flat earth(s) works
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I think the Gyroscopic "anti-gravity" effect is a result of spinning a metal which at high speeds creates an electro-magnietic effect at its ends which change the HydroDynamics or Space-Time properties that allow it to "levitate" and more more freely. 
    I bet if you measured the Radio waves around that weight you'd see electricity.

See these links on how UFO's use this force around there ship to create there own little space-time configuration to propel there crafts. (this talks about special relativity)

I was told UFO's use spinning mercury around there ships which might help create this electric field.. 

I'll follow-up when I have more...
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