Hi Flat Earth Society,

As the title suggests, I'm a student hoping to gather some info about the demographics and lives of the members of the Flat Earth Society. I'm building a podcast for a multimodal english course at the University of Washington where I attempt to explain why certain cultural phenomenons gain so much traction online, with my pilot episode tackling the viral-ness of the Flat Earth Theory. Because my only experience with your community is online, I'd like to try to understand the people behind the usernames. I'm attaching some questions below but my real hope is that I can connect with a member of your community and respectfully interview them, however they feel comfortable. In addition, if you know of anywhere that hosts FES stats like the ones I'm looking for - I'd be happy to learn of its location.

I'd like to be able to message some of you and learn things like:
-When did you first learn of the Flat Earth Theory?
-Why does it appeal to you?
-How much formal education do you have?
-What ethnicity do you identify with?
-What gender/pronouns do you use?
-Are you located outside of the US?
-Are you religious?
-How old were you when you decided to join FES?
-How many FES members do you know off of the internet?

As a disclaimer - I do not intend to post this info anywhere online and by extension the podcast will never be posted for the public. I am not a troll. I am not going to use the information to slander or make any assumption about the FES.

Please reach out to me if you're interested.