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A problem often cited by those with the contemporary world view, is that the Sun couldn't possibly exist as it appears transposed over a the AEP, and I agree. The Sun would have to speed up during the time it follows the Tropic of Capricorn to rotate the earth as it does on the Tropic of Cancer.

Is it possible the path of the sun could be elliptical? We already believe Earth to be on an elliptical orbit, wouldn't it be more natural of a movement for it to behave in the manner of a pendulum, whos path becomes increasingly elliptical at points. Has anyone ever seen the way a ceiling fan rocks when it's not very secure? It certainly follows the law of conservation of momentum, which would be amazing if we could apply our known physical laws the rest of the universe. Either way a perfectly circular path seems unrealistic.

Could it be a means to explain the phenomenon of the anallema?

Just posing the question, sorry if it has been discussed before.

Flat Earth Community / Russia Wants To Send People Back To The Moon In 2031
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:24:49 PM »

Interesting... That they only need 15 more years to plan the mission, and develop the technology to accomplish the mission... yet we supposedly already did this in 1960's with Sub Speak & Spell level computer technology.

If manned lunar landings were so easy in the 60's and 70's why has no one else done it? Or why haven't we done it since Apollo Missions? I can imagine many different scientific benefits to experimenting technology or developing it on the moon.

Please post any and all scientific evidence that the Earth is a ball moving through space around the Sun.

By scientific, I obviously mean something with the highest standard of scientific method, something with reproducible results from here on Earth. Not equations, hypotheses, or pictures from space, not just observations twisted to support any particular world-view. Something that involves an actual experiment, has been peer reviewed.

I'm looking for any scientific experiment that proves the Earth is actually moving, in particular. Thanks in advance.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Occult Rituals at CERN facility
« on: August 18, 2016, 06:08:26 PM »

Occult rituals unexpectedly filmed at the CERN facility.

These are the people we trust to tell us the truth about our universe and our place in it. Interestingly enough there is a permanent statue of Shiva on the premises in the first place, wondering what the connection between particle science and Hinduism is.

Flat Earth Theory / Gravity and Buoyancy.
« on: March 09, 2016, 02:00:29 AM »
My gripe isn't with the shape of the Earth but with the big bang.

A big bang certainly wouldn't create a flat plane, though one could argue it wouldn't make a newly symmetrical round earth either.

I've gotten the impression that the official flat earth theory community is one that prefers to reconcile the true nature of the shape of our world with strictly scientific means. I believe this is a disastrous misstep. One way to highlight this blunder is that 70-82% of Americans believe in God or a higher power... as opposed to roughly 15% of scientists that share the belief.

Now I understand the Zetetic Method dictates that we start with a question, and then a search for the answer using observations with no conclusion in mind. However, to answer the questions "How did we get here? Where did we come from?" using this method is obviously a tall order. The fact that belief in God is something that has to this point been strictly faith-based, despite thousands of years worth of scientists and "natural philosophers" on the Vatican's payroll attempting to prove the existence of a Benevolent Creator, attests to the difficulty.

Anyone with a rational, logical mind would have to agree it's absurd to believe someone or something, a magic man in the sky, could possibly be at the root of our existence.

Or is it? In my opinion, the more absurd concept is the only other competing, contemporary view: The Big Bang. Anyone that has ever looked at the sheer odds involved with modern science's heliocentric view of our Earth, has to agree they are astounding. The chance that the "rock" we live on ended up in precisely the place it needs to be in relation to our emergence, evolution and survival -the goldilocks theory - is unfathomable to anyone that purports to have a mind rooted in reason and logic.

With that said, the belief in heliocentric, orbiting spheres through vacuum space is Gospel in the mainstream mind. The same mainstream that expresses their overwhelming  consensus on the existence of God. Do you not see the contradiction? Is this not absurd?!? The very model and concept "flat-earthers" are routinely ridiculed for is explained word for word in the first chapter of the most important book to all theology! I personally don't understand the disconnect. Whether it has arisen through centuries of planning, by those hoping to separate God from science altogether, or is a natural trend towards secularism, is anyone's guess.

One certain place we can trace this disconnect to is the advent of heliocentric theory which brings with it the idea that we are no longer the important, center of the known universe beings we believed to be, but instead just an lucky happenstance in a universe too vast to ever comprehend, our actions too insignificant to ever be important. Separating Man from his divine origins was no easy task, nonetheless, that is where we are in our present day.

In conclusion, there is a large population of people out there that somehow laugh at the possibility of an Earth created exactly as described in the book they unequivocally believe to be the word of God. These are the people that need to be exposed to the "Flat-Earth Theory." In my opinion, it is obviously a "square peg, round hole" scenario trying to convince the other segment of society that recognize themselves as atheist. But for those who look at the incredible odds that humanity is the result of a big bang and realize it's absurdity, let us educate them with a view of a world that puts them back into the center of the universe, regardless of its shape.

Thanks for the read, fellow truth seekers!

Flat Earth Theory / Water finding it's own level
« on: February 10, 2016, 11:33:18 PM »
To me, this is one of the main phenomenon I can't rectify with a spherical earth. A standing body of water appears to have no curvature, and we have used water based levels to build very large structures with out flaw.

More so, it seems physically impossible water could ever exist on a curve as its tendency is to go from its highest elevation to the lowest. A spherical earth woud indicate that some rivers on earth would somehow have to flow up to reach the ocean. 

Lastly, is it even possible to have a flat surface on a curved planet? Would there not be a way to measure a stretch of standing water to try to detect a curvature? I know mathmatically that a circle doesnt consist of a finite amount of flat lines, in fact there is never a flat line on a circle.

Would like some input from the community on this, thanks.

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