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Science & Alternative Science / Are Flat Earther's Afraid of Aliens?
« on: July 13, 2020, 09:12:54 AM »
It seems a flat Earth is conveniently positioned to protect one from the possibility of alien existence. Though, if you happen to promote the flat Earth on the basis of religious beliefs, you most certainly leave yourself open to extra dimensional beings (even if it is your suggestion that your extra dimensional being, god, is superior to all others).
Still, I wander how this is not a bigger topic of contention among this community... certainly you don't write off everything that is not openly captured and dissected as myth. You have suggested global and government conspiracy, in the preservation of the globe Earth... but the same could not be coordinated to protect the secret of aliens (when in fact it has been orchestrated to the extent that they make mockeries of abductions, sightings, and crop circles... with the latter being an example of the most obvious and unconvincing shills the government has ever put forth).
Also, how come no one is discussing the hollow Earth? Which can quite easily parallel many of the arguments for flat Earth. In addition, to presenting the possibility of sub-terrestrial sighting and abductions.
There are three forms of "aliens" to address (sub-terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, and extra dimensional), yet not one of them is given any real consideration. Why is that?
The mind of a true intellect should give consideration to all possibilities... I have considered cryptids, giants, Nephilim, every manner of god, simulation theory, mother-ship theory (which is the best case for a flat Earth... and not a bad one for a hollow Earth either). So what really drives you, what are you all afraid of?   

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