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Flat Earth Theory / I'm new here! A bunch of generic questions?
« on: August 02, 2021, 01:37:26 PM »
I don't mean to be rude to anyone here so I'm really sorry if it comes across that way. I'm a round earther myself, but I'm interested in learning more if I find it plausible. First of all, I just started watching the video (6 hr one?) and the first thing they said was it's weird we can't feel the earth spinning if it's moving so fast. I know everyone here has better arguments than that because even google knows the answer (I do realise that's not your main argument or anything, but if you see something that's not right, you may want to find out why before you use it as an argument. I'm sorry if this comes across in the wrong way because I know you do have better arguments. This post is kind of from someone young and new to the concept, so I may come across as sceptical but I just want to find out more.)
So, my question was, do any of you flat earthers want to go into space and see the earth for yourself? Please don't direct me to the FAQs because you can't seriously think space travel is a conspiracy- how would they be able to fake it??- and I'm sure most of you don't.
If you're sure earth isn't a globe and that the pictures are faked and photoshopped, don't you want to check for yourself? Maybe if you think astronauts are 'in on it', you could pretend you're a round earther and see space for yourself?
I'm really sorry, this does sound slightly rude and more than a little sceptical. I honestly want to know, so please bear with me and i apologize again.
Also... why do you think the other planets are round and not earth? Do you think it would form in a completely different way? Please don't say God made it because I thought you used science not religion, and if you do think that how did God make it flat?
Lastly, do you not believe in Antartica being a continent?
Sorry I had so many questions! I really wasn't trying to be rude and you all can say whatever you like back, I just genuinely want to know. Thanks!

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