Cosmology & Consciousness
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Where did the earth come from, where is it going, and how does our creation myth/science affect our collective consciousness?

Was it created by (the) God(s)?
Will it be destroyed by (the) God(s)?

Is it a kind of collective dream or nightmare we're having, and really the only thing that exists is consciousness?
Or is the only thing that exists polarity, and that in order for somethingness and consciousness to exist it all, they needed an antithesis, both nothingness and an unconscious something, like an enormous hunk of rock, in which to contrast/define themselves with/against?

Did it materialize out of the aether by chance?
Or has it always existed, and presumably always will?

Was it created by extraterrestrial/interdimensional scientists/sorcerers, and if so, perhaps we'll go on to create our own worlds someday, when we're ready?

Humans are in peril it seems, because we can be our own worst enemy at times.
We're overconsuming ourselves into oblivion.

Part of the reason for this may be the standard model.
The standard model tells us our existence is a complete fluke, a one off, a role of the dye.
With that sort of thinking, no wonder we don't treat the earth with reverence.

We also think the earth will at some point burn to a crisp when the sun explodes.
No wonder we're in such a haste to develop technology then, because we think we'll need to use it to escape from the earth someday.
But technology could just as easily or more be our undoing rather than our salvation.

But if this is the only world in existence, or at least the only one we'll ever call home, and if it was intelligently designed so we could live in and enjoy it, and we could go on existing forever so long as we respect it, then perhaps we wouldn't be in such a haste to take the thing apart and put it back together again, fixing what isn't broken and for all we know will never break.

So perhaps the sun, moon and stars, earth and sky may always exist, I mean year after year, century after century they never change, even thou contemporary science keeps insisting they will.
Perhaps thinking of them that way, as divinely designed, as potentially immortal so long as we're good stewards of the earth, only intervening when necessary, will prolong our lives.
Our present model, true or false, may be the very thing that's hastening our destruction.
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