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XP sure, but I'm looking at getting a used windows 7 laptop with more power than my current Vista POS (being able to edit, or even view, my gopro videos would be nice), however I've had too many problems getting Battlefield 1942/vietnam and Starcraft 1 to work on my friend's windows 7 machine.  I figure my chances are 50/50 of getting something that will run the games I want to run. 

Anyone have luck using an xp emulator or such in windows 7 home?  I see pro and enterprise have an xp mode option, but all the used computers I seem to find are all home edition.

I don't know much about Ubuntu, and windows 10... yeah right.  Too cheap to buy a new computer anyway.

Go ahead and admit it.

Here's my collection (taken with a go-pro because I don't have anything else yet with a fish-eye lens).

  I'm planning on building an arcade type cabinet, installing a tower, and running mame or something. (like the 1943 system pictured, which I was going to gut when I got it for free and use it, but I got it working instead and so I'll be building one from scratch)

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