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Flat Earth Projects / Untrustworthy quotation in the wiki
« on: September 06, 2021, 03:33:58 PM »
Hey all,
I was browsing through the 'Assorted quotes' section of the wiki (link included), and i saw a bold claim:
“ 52 Percent Of The British Public Think The Moon Landings Were Faked, Claims Survey ”
I'll also leave a link to this at the end of the post. In the same survey, 12% of Brits supposedly believe in witches and wizardry. There is also 8% that believes in fairies and 5% that thinks there are DRAGONS around. (There's way more, but you can check the site for yourself)

The point I'm trying to make, is that we should check the sources we use on our wiki (yknow, the place with all of our well-researched info?), because if we're trying to find out the truth for ourselves, we should at least look at all the info here. As it turns out, the reason for these absurd stats, are because of the sample size (aka, the amount of people who took the survey). It was a mere 1003, yet the quote claims 52% of the British public believes this.

This is not an attack against the mods on this site, but just a reminder to always stay critical!

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