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Flat Earth Projects / Re: Organising an ANTARCTICA exploration
« on: December 26, 2017, 06:11:32 PM »
If Antarctica surrounds the entire flat earth, where would you go? How would you get past all of the armed guards that shoot to kill because you aren’t allowed to go to Antarctica much less try to get to the edge? (This is frequently posted in the FES on Facebook and I’m sincerely interested in what people think about this.)

Also, China now offers group tours there so that is something to check on.

lets explore Antarctica

1,Who is interested?
2,What would be the warmest time to go?
3.Any idea on cost per head?
4,what would be the cheapest method of travel?
5,what could be used for travel when getting there?

in reply to my own questions, I would just like to point out this is possible because.......

1, Does not just have to be 'flat earth believers' coming along, Im sure some of the die hard globe believers like the idea of gloating at the flat earthers when they see for themselves upon exploring antarctica that the earth is actually a globe upon finding the other side of antarctica.
3, my guess is without sponsorship or celebrity interest it will be affordable unless there are hundreds if not close to 1000 people coming along to help, not 1000 to explore! but we will need people to help witha vast array of tasks / catering ect.
4, Surely it has to be a ship.
5, snow ski, snow buggy, monster trucks? tailor made vehicle, helicopter from the ship? small private aircraft?

With celebrity interest, anything is possible - Im fed up with watching 'frozen planet', the narrator himself said earlier, another 700 miles further is just ice ( so basically theres no point going any further ) was david attenborough told to say that? does he truly believe that? who knows....

One of those ready made Antarctica tours never go far enough, anyone can come along out of interest no matter what you believe so theres no stigma attached!

Would anyone like to take charge of the organizing of this trip? if so step forward  :-B

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