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Re: Constructing a constitution
« Reply #40 on: July 19, 2014, 11:11:05 PM »
Sounds good to me. I hesitate to call RET a 'hoax', though. Not all theories give equal weight to the Conspiracy. I'll make a separate thread where we can type up something more official.

Hoax doesn't necessarily imply Conspiracy. It can also imply ignorance.

Homeopathy can be called a hoax theory, for example. It's an elaborate theory that water holds memory. If I stated that Homeopathy is a hoax, I am not implying that Homeopaths are deliberately conspiring to give false information. It could also be that it's a fake or made up theory and that its practitioners are ignorant. It's a hoax medicine because it is a made up fake theory and does not have proper supporting evidence.

Even so, in my experience the FET theories which downplays the Conspiracy still have NASA hoaxing something in regards to the world. For example, I regularly express the belief that NASA is largely ignorant of the shape of world, and is running a fake space agency created in the 60's to put man on the moon and establish America's militaristic dominance of space (ICBMs, etc). They don't actually have the technology to go into space. But, although they are not going into space, they still need to fake a lot of data about the earth to continue on with the ruse.  That means stuff like faking the moon landing and running high altitude pictures through a fisheye lens to make it appear that a craft is higher than it really is.

I don't believe it can be argued that everything NASA does can simply be reinterpreted under the Flat Earth model. It would need to be argued that they actually visited the moon, but were mistaken about the distance to the moon, its size, what they saw from it, and that the RE orbital mechanics necessary just happened to work, which I just don't see happening. Some level of deception must exist.
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