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I would like to help make the Earth wiki page better.

Original - The earth is the flat astronomical body where live numerous species of plants, animals and other beings. In the Flat Earth Monopole model the North Pole is the center of the earth, and South Pole is a circumference around it.

The sun and the moon are both located circa 3,000 miles above earth's surface. The sun rotates once around the hub of the earth per day, creating day and night.

Suggestion - The Earth is the only flat astronomical body and hosts numerous species of plants, animals and countless other forms of life. Due to budget constraints and the earliness (this is the wrong word, help!) of the Flat Earth Society, there is no definitive model of the earth, but there are several theoretical ones based on observable evidence.
The original model is the Monopole model, first theorised* by Samuel Rowbotham (link to his page), with the North pole at the centre and the South Pole representing the circumference. This model has a simple Sun/Moon arrangement, whereby the Sun orbits a path around the North Pole, giving the effect of night and day. (picture below)
There is also the bi-polar model, which has both poles near the centre and a differing Sun/Moon arrangement. (picture below)
Other models exist and are routinely debated and refined in the fora. (link to flat earth forum)

Original - The stars are small astronomical bodies located circa 3,100 miles above earth and 100 miles above sun and moon orbit.
Suggestion - (the stars are not relevant on the earth page)

* I am iffy if a zetetic, such as Rowbotham, can theorize something, but I don't know how any model can be observed either. I considered the word "discovered" but the model wasn't found (or un-earthed, ha).
Hope my suggestion helps, please critique anything wrong.
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I recently came across the Flat Earth Maps wiki page while searching through Pete's posts.
Please can a link to this be added to the wiki earth page?


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Re: Wiki - Earth
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I like the general things you want to include on that page, and have some ideas for wording. I do think it needs to be front and center that there is no budget, that we rely on our visitors (the reader) to develop FET, and that there are multiple models. I will give it some thought.
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