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Flat Earth Projects / Re: A journey to the Antarctica
« on: January 17, 2021, 11:59:19 AM »
I would anything in my power to get there. This is because there is nothing left for us in the old world. It's all destroyed, occupied, corrupt. I also believe Covid 19 is used to strip us from what's left of freedom and humanity in us. The mandatory vaccinations are meant to install nanochips in us and it's a game over for us. On the other hand, I watched an interesting documentary about the hallowed Earth and how did WW2 veterans went there and saw an advanced civilization and a whole different plane of existence out there. In my opinion, Earth can be both flat and rounded at the same time from higher dominions. Space is flat but it's also curved at the same time. All planets are connected. You don't have use spaceship to get another galaxy. There are portals in the poles of the Earth that can take us to other worlds and any place we wish in the universe. It's crazy but true. I realize now that there are no straight answers to anything which means everything is possible. I just need to team up with people who are willing to leave everything behind, maybe put a budget together, buy a boat and get there. The kind of people who are willing to die trying.       

hi, i am creating a plan since a few years. In 20-30years we could leave the slave system, email me please with a pseudonym-email. Remember this email for 20-30 years. you will get informed at someday

save money, weapons, supplies

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