Flat Earth books
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Re: Flat Earth books
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Some extended reading

I haven't read Earth Not a Globe since I first discovered the FES.  Lately I find myself going off on hypothetical tangents that muddy things.  This week I'm re-reading Rowbotham and will be looking into some of these volumes as well.   

This leads me to a question: 

The text of Earth Not a Globe is public domain.  Several small independent publishers have re-released it in paperback and Kindle editions are numerous.

What if we, as a society, put together a definitive, annotated edition of Earth Not a Globe and self-published?  It's pretty easy to do, and we have the minds here to produce a pretty complete work.  FES branded, with our 21st century take on the 19th century text, sold here on the site, with proceeds going to... a charity of some sort?


This is probably Zetetic Council territory, so I leave the idea to them.  I've done book layouts and cover designs before, so as far as the electronic side of things I could handle that, and as far as printing, self-publishing is super easy now with tools like  Printing is done on demand as the books are ordered, so there's no need to stockpile inventory or print a large run at the outset. 
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