The Earth's Humble Beginnings
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After much searching on the wiki I have yet to find how the earth came about. I have come up with what I believe to be the most possible answer using science. The Earth was brought together by a pulling force from the north poll. Do to dark energy the earth is spinning and rising. The force from the earth rising results in what is called gravity today, and the spin of the earth leads to its Flat shape. The Centrifugal force of the spin gives the earth its flat shape. I believe this spin is still going on and this results in the day/night cycle with a somewhat still moon and sun. If anybody has any other ideas or a background in astrophysics I would like to hear what you think!
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Re: The Earth's Humble Beginnings
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Nope. FE theory explicitly rejects the spinning of the Flat Earth; otherwise, we'd all feel a southward "pull", which could be easily measured with an accelerometer. The Earth was formed by the coalescing of matter into a sphere.

Note that UA is really just a synonym for an invisible force because of Einstein's equivalence principle.

Could an FE actually detail the FE hypothesis for the formation of the Earth? It'd be nice to hear.