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The FAQ is continually updated and adjusted by members of the Flat Earth Society. Please click here to see the source document at the Flat Earth Wiki for the most up to date version.

Flat Earth Wiki and FAQ

Welcome to the Flat Earth Society!

Thank you for taking the time to go through this FAQ. It was created in light of the realization that for someone with a "round-Earth" (RE) background, the FE theory would appear at first glance to have some glaring holes. This thread is designed to answer some of the questions that many Round Earthers raise when they first arrive. Please read it all, especially the first section (this post), as it will help you to find your feet here at The Flat Earth Society, as well as making debate and discussion better and more njoyable for everyone.


The opinions and beliefs expressed in any posts do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of The Flat Earth Society Forum. The Flat Earth Society Forum's goal is to promote the free discussion of Flat Earth Theory as well as the free discussion of and debate of any topic of interest to our members that does not contradict Forum Rules.

The views of any individual or organization (including that of the old Flat Earth Society run by Charles K Johnson) are not necessarily shared in whole or in part by The Flat Earth Society. The only person qualified to give the official position of The Flat Earth Society (if required) is Daniel.

In addition, please remember that the views contained in 'official' threads are not necessarily shared by the Forum Staff who post them. Our moderators come from both sides of the debate, and their sole unifying purpose is to promote a smooth running forum so as to promote the emergence and discovery of truth through free discussion and argument.

Furthermore, please note that the FAQ should be considered a starting point. It addresses many questions those new to FET have about the theory but in no way represents a comprehensive, all-encompassing view of the theory. It should also be noted that not all points in the FAQ are necessarily agreed on by all FE proponents.

Forum Usage

How big can my avatar and sig be?

An avatar can be up to 125x125 in size.  A signature should be no more than 5 lines of text (or equivalent for images)

How do I know if a subject has been brought up before?

There is a search button in the toolbar which can be used to run a search on the forum.  The search will return all topics related to your keywords.

This topic hasn't been posted in recently.  Should I post in it?

If a thread has not been posted in within the past week or 2 then the matter has likely been settled.  Please do not revive these topics unless you have something new to add to them.

Thork's rage smiley looks freakin' awesome.  How can I get that in my post?

If you click the reply button instead of posting in quick reply you will see a line of smileys that you can add to your post.  If you remember the code for the smiley you can also manually add it by typing in the code. For example, typing :) produces the smiley :).

This poster is causing some problems for me.  What should I do?

In the bottom-right corner of any post there is a Report to Moderator button.  Clicking this will allow you to file a complaint against the post and poster. 

If you wish to discuss moderation on the forums, you may do so in the Suggestions and Concerns Forum.

This poster is annoying me but the mods won't ban them because they haven't broken any rules.  What should I do?

On the toolbar, click profile.  On your profile page click Modify Profile and then click Edit Buddies/Ignore List.  Click Edit Ignore List and type the username of the annoying poster and click Add.

Why is the time on this forum wrong?

It's not.  Due to differences in how Daylight Savings Time is observed, the forum was set to the UCT time zone by default.  However, you can change the time setting to match your own time zone.

Again, click the Profile button and click Modify Profile.  This time, click Look and Layout.  In the Time Offset area you can enter the number of hours needed to make the forum time match your timezone. This can easily be done by clicking the auto-detect button which will enter the necessary value for you.

When you are done changing the forum's time, you will need to click on Change Profile at the bottom-right of the page.
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