There is a legal loopholes in internet security in Turkey
« on: September 22, 2016, 10:35:50 AM »
After coup, the government in Turkey declared "state of emergency" and got some measures. One of them is close to "telekominikasyon iletişim başkanlığı" (telecommunications communications presidency) for reasons of security. TIB is the official establishment  controls internet and telephone traffics by terms of crimes. TIB was working as an internet court, it was seems like a court in our mind. The government when closed it is right in their own. But this decision caused to legal loopholes in internet security. Terrorist groups Making propaganda but we can't find a useful authorities to inform against them. TIB was interested the crimes with one form. Now it is needed to sue on a court. General judges have not experience on internet crimes. So it is a bit meaningless to inform against which sites doing terrorist propaganda or used by some hackers.

So internet in Turkey is turned a paradise for terrorists and hackers. I want to draw attention to this issue. Thank you.
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