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My new flat Earth model
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:14:20 PM »
I have been developing a flat Earth model that is way better then the normal flawed one.  I will give a basic explemnation here, feel free to ask questions.  Diagrams will come later.

The stars, planets, sun, and moon are all round objects attatched on the inside of 2 nested spheres surrounding our flat Earth.  The outer sphere is full of imperfections that apear to glow, you know these as stars.  The inner sphere is perfectly transparent, and clumps of matter between the spheres are what you know as planets, the Moon, and the Sun.

What are these spheres made of?  Crystalized aether, or atherium as I like to call it.  I will draw a diagram of the structure later, but do to some of the properties of aether I figured out it can form into a crystalized solid of sorts, but it's not anything like any solid you are familear with.  Ordinary matter can pass right through it, but it takes a lot of force to do it because of some properties of aether I will describe next.

So what are the proprtties of aether?  It's actually really simple.  Aether repells matter and it repells it's self but not as strongly.  Aether also has some electromagnetic properties which can cause aether to start to attract towards it's self if it is in really high concentrations as it's electromagnetism overpowers it's rather weak repultion, but in really high densities the atraction is overpowered by the weak nuclear force.  Matter tends to repel aether which causes it to clump in areas where aether concentrations are low.

Like I said, the sky is a sphere, but that doesn't mean we don't see all of it.  Aether interacts with light and can cause refaction, which causes light to bend in such a way that the lower side of the sphere can be seen from "southern" locations while the upper side is seen from "northern" locations.

Why do we fall?  Well, as I said earlier mater clumps in areas of low aether concentration because matter and aether repel each other.  This clump of matter we call Earth is no exeption, and we fall because we are relelling the high aether concentrations above us.  There is still a small amount of aether here on Earth, and that does cause mass to atract mass a small bit and it accounts for small gravitational changes across Earth's surface.  The larger a mass is the stronger the aether repulsion is.
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