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It says "Conspiracy topics belong here" so I'm posting this here.

I don't take sides in politics, so I'm not posting this to take one side or another. I'm just passing on information. Frankly I don't care what men do with their governments, because man's system of government has just about run it's course to the finish, and good riddance.

But you can probably say goodbye to this website and others like it. So all the shills here ought to be happy... that they will be losing all their freedom along with everyone else—oh, and they'll also be out of a job, lol, so I hope you got paid good for selling your soul. And maybe when this site is gone the people who let the shills run amuck will think back on how they should have grown bigger balls... before they got cut off. Well that's my two cents.

BOMBSHELL The Tyrannical TPP Deal Has Officially Been Reached


Infowars Blows The Lid Off TPP Agreement

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