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How to investigate locations of sun and southern cross?
« on: February 12, 2021, 08:29:23 PM »
Every day the sun can be seen on the horizon at sunrise and sunset. As I understand Zetetic, that means that the sun is on the surface of FE. If the sun never comes close to the earth, then clearly the sun is often nowhere hear where it appears to be. How can I figure out where the sun is and how the light bends? Preferably, both the amount and mechanism of the bend?

Then I looked at the FAQ maps and tried to figure out where the southern cross is. At midnight in early December in Capetown SA, it is just before dawn in Perth and just after sunset in Rio. All of them see the southern cross to their south, but that is 90 degrees out between each, all pointing directly away from the center of the map. Clearly the southern cross is not where it appears to be. Again, where is it really, and how does the light bend?

Please help me investigate where the sun and southern cross really are, how the light is bending and why.

Thanks in advance.
I am really curious about so many FE things, like how at sunset in Denver, people in St Louis see the dome as dark with stars, while people in Salt Lake City see the same dome as light blue. FE scientists don't know or won't tell me.