Would like to invite a flat earth proponent on Podcast
« on: May 06, 2020, 04:29:39 AM »

I am the co-host of a new podcast (https://soundcloud.com/matt-renninger) where my long time friend and I simply pick topics to argue about that we regularly fight about anyway, turn on a microphone, and then just blast it out into the world. We don't have a missive following, having just released our first episode yesterday, its more of a hobby and a way for us to interact with people while we are both in quarantine.

One topic we are really interested in discussing is the concept of a flat earth. If there is anybody on this forum who would be interested in a fun, lighthearted debate while acting as a proponent for the idea of a flat earth we'd be really interested in connecting.

If you'd like to connect, and possibly discuss recording something with us then shoot me an email at: renninger.matthew@gmail.com

All the best.