He dispoved all Science?
« on: November 11, 2019, 01:08:25 PM »
Have they ever tried to detect Dark Energy particles? And do they still try to detect Dark Matter particles? Why?
They look for particles (matter) in gravitational Dark Matter anomaly, because it puts in danger the founder of modern Science - sir Isaac Newton. Violating the Newton in his area of applicability, one disproves the Einstein as well. So, they need to find the particles of Dark Energy as badly. My fix to this is to put "by hand" a non-universal mathematical modifications into the Physics. And the mathematics as well, because math was invented from observations of nature. Being just math, these "virtual terms" can not be directly detected, however their impact on nature (Dark Matter makes the spacetime curved) is seen.

All this is in Manuscript, which one gets from amidalitram@mail.ru , and includes many topics, including Time Travel, the first photo of Black Hole (please google the NEWS), and ET aliens.

It is not the death of science, but revolution. The take over the Newton.