Really excited to have more proof from you guys!
« on: October 13, 2019, 03:47:40 PM »
I noticed my first ever question got to some other page named "Complete Nonsense". I get it, no offense taken.  ;D ;D

So I have another question after some thorough thinking.
In your models, the sun is always above the Earth and moves in a circular way and doesn't have different angles at all. Therefore, we can imagine how the motion of the Sun would give us a feeling it's going farther away from us and slowly disappearing as a whole since there is no change in angle or matter blocking us from seeing a portion of the Sun as time goes by but that's not how we see it going. We see as the Sun is going down in a curvy route and we start to not be able to see a portion of it because there is matter, which is seemingly Earth itself, blocking us from doing so.

I hope my question went through. I honestly want a question answered to get live proof and not feel insane because I seriously started believing more in this theory while watching a documentary trying to disprove it and I just couldn't not see how supportive the ones in the community are to one another.