The BIGGEST collection of FE books in the world
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I have the Biggest Digital collection of Flat Earth books in the world. I have searched far and wide, all over. Paid hefty prices. And studied long, 5 years of dedication. The collection is not complete as I aquire more everyday. The list is so long, it won't fit below. So I have attached it. The ones with the checked marks beside of, I have aquired. The others I do not have. If anyone has any of these books that I do not have, feel welcome to trade or share them. If you'd like to see some of these books, I can share some of them. Let me know. One day I plan to open the world largest FE Book website and host them.


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Re: The BIGGEST collection of FE books in the world
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Looks like a pretty good list and collection.

If you don't want to start a flat earth books website another way to share them would be to create an account on and upload them to your own collection. It's pretty straight forward.

I have found that anti-relativity works fall under FET, since SR was created to explain the horizontally motionless earth experiments of Michelson-Morley, Airy's Failure and others. I have some anti-relativity sources here --

You should add Galileo Was Wrong, which is available somewhere in the stickied Additions to the Library thread, and which I found informative on some of the geocentric arguments.
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