100 'proofs' that the Earth is not a globe
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Number 41 in this list asserts...

When astronomers assert that it is "necessary" to make "allowance for curvature" in canal construction, it is, of course, in order that, in their idea, a level cutting may be had, for the water. How flagrantly, then, do they contradict themselves when the curved surface of the Earth is a "true level!" What more can they want for a canal than a true level? Since they contradict themselves in such an elementary point as this, it is an evidence that the whole thing is a delusion, and we have a proof that the Earth is not a globe.

My question is.. what has astronomy got to do with canal construction?  I have been an astronomer for a long time but I have never been involved in canal construction.  Architects perhaps but not astronomers.
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Re: 100 proofs that the Earth is not a globe
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Carpenter does seem to use the word "astronomers" in unorthodox ways throughout the book. The logical assumption, as far as I can see, is that he used that word to describe "RE'ers" - but that's nothing more than my personal interpretation.

Of course, it's also plausible that this was just a clerical error on his part. You're about 123 years too late to ask him, I'm afraid.
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Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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