We are currently looking for a guest star on an upcoming episode to launch our first episode of the podcast. The name is "LogicsFlatLine" and we are currently in the making. We would love to have another guest star to appear for just a short time (approx. 2 minute segment) to star as a guest speaker.

This would involve two possible roles, either someone interested and confident with scientific proofs or a legitimate committed member of the society and more interested in talking about the community and deception given to us by the governments and flawed education system. I appreciate your help and would love to get in contact with anyone ready to try and star if you need further details. However, if you just wanted to get in contact but not star on the podcast then we would still be pleased to hear your thoughts.

Thanks a lot! All replies are appreciated!

opaterson, how is the podcast going? Would love to talk about combing forces on a similar project I am working on, and am looking for a guest for a 30 min segment. Let me know if you might be interested.