Hi All,

I'm an undergrad student at the University of Washington. I'm currently taking a multi-modal english comp class that requires us to produce a podcast; for my group's topic, we have chosen to look at how the Flat Earth theory has really risen to significance in the last several years. I think it's fascinating how FES has been able to maintain their relevance to the behest of mainstream media/governments/corporations, I can't think of another grass roots movements that has moved so fast. It prompts an interesting statement about how many people are aware of the amount of propaganda is in the media and if those people are part of a community that actively questions what we're told is reality. I think I've found, in FES, a group who challenge norms using logic and research unlike any other group.

Anyways - a requirement is that we interview people in the community we're covering. I haven't had any luck finding any Seattle factions of FES, despite reaching out to numerous people. At this point, this forum is my only link to the real community behind FES.

I'd like to see if any of you guys would like to be interviewed for my assignment. I'd be happy to provide a venmo, paypal or cashapp incentive to have a 15 - 20 minute either phone/facetime or even email conversation. Ultimately the purpose of the interview would not be for you to talk about what FES is, but more so your experience as an FES member, friends family, etc... I'd be happy to email you the questions in advance so you have idea of what I am looking for.

Any recordings/information I'd get would strictly be utilized for the sake of my class. It would never be uploaded to the internet beyond the canvas portal UW uses for assignment turn in. I wouldn't compromise any of your privacy or security.

I have my UW email linked to this account (sorry for the name - I couldn't resist the Shakespeare pun), shoot me an email if you want to work out an amount that would make this worth your time.