Zetetic Astronomy and the observed motion of the Sun
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After reading this account from Zetetic Astronomy

I am left trying to work out how Rowbothams very detailed description of someone standing on Brighton Pier watching the Sun rise and set proves that it is the Sun moving around a stationary Earth.  The very first sentence makes reference to it having been proved that the Earth is fixed.  How was that proved reached?  Did he prove that himself or is he referring to someone else reaching such a proof?

The second sentence makes reference to 'any latitude a few degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer'. Brighton Pier lies at a latitude of 50.8 degrees. The Tropic of Cancer is 23.5 degrees.  I would call that a difference of more than just a few degrees.  Accepted that doesn't make any difference to the results of the observation, just the maximum elevation the Sun will have on crossing the south meridian. As seen from the Tropic of Cancer on the date of the northern summer solstice, the Sun will be seen to pass directly overhead.

Rowbotham also states

'An object which moves in an arc of a circle, and returns to a given point in a given time, as the sun does to the meridian, must, of necessity, have completed a circular path in the twenty-four hours which constitute a solar day.'

Sure but how does that prove it is the Sun moving around the Earth and not simply the Earth rotating on its axis which would result in the same observation.
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