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1. Kaysing never worked for NASA, so he was never a "NASA Rocketdyne Engineer"

Based on his employment history at Wikipedia, thus;

"Kaysing began work as the senior technical writer at Rocketdyne, starting on February 13, 1956. On September 24, 1956,
he became a service analyst; starting September 15, 1958, he worked as a service engineer; and starting on October 10, 1962,
as a publications analyst.

From 1956 to 1963 Kaysing also served as head of technical publications for Rocketdyne, where Saturn V rocket engines were
designed and built. On May 31, 1963, he resigned for personal reasons."

2. He left Rocketdyne in 1963, at the point where the Apollo programme had not even launched its first crewed Earth orbital
mission. Without access to anything beyond that point, what would he know?

3. The above shows him working as an analyst or publications specialist for longer than he worked as an engineer. So why should
any credence be placed on what he claims?

4. The claim that he "worked with NASA" is vague and unclear, at best. Nothing in his employment history suggests he worked
directly with them at any point, beyond the possibility of some interaction on the Saturn V engines. Does this really qualify
him as an expert on the whole project?

The content of the video has been comprehensively debunked on YouTube. Links to follow.
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