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Google maps and the Mercator projection
« on: December 27, 2018, 10:15:35 PM »
So i was playing around on google maps which unless fully zoomed out uses the mercator projection. As i was looking around a thought occured to me. Since the the mercator projection distorts the proportions of the map shouldnt the roads, houses and cars etc also be proportionally distorted?

That is to say, at the higher and lower lattitudes those objects should appear larger than the same objects nearer to the equator, but as far as I can tell they appear to be the same scale. So if the objects including the space between them doesnt apear to distort proportionally to the mercator projection then what is going on?

If i go to Google Earth and look at satalite view i can zoom in anywhere and see objects and spaces directly proportional but in Google Maps using the mercator projection if i zoom in everything apears proportional but that shouldnt be possible due to the distortion of the mercator projection. The satalite images nearer to the poles would have to be blown up/enlarged to make up for the expanded area and therefor the objects we would see there like cars etc should apear larger then the cars around the equator, no?