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Hey all!  I am trying to commission a Flat Earth-themed retirement gift for a friend who is retiring from the military.  He's a Navy guy and, since there's a chance he is lurking around somewhere, I'm going to forego identifying his specialty or his name.  So I will refer to him as RN.  His belief in Flat Earth Theory makes for some of the most interesting conversation we have at work.  Full disclosure:  none of the rest of us are Flat Earth believers, but all love RN and are respectful of his difference in opinion.  Speaking for myself, I appreciate the scientific skepticism required to challenge the status quo I see among the Flat Earth Community.  Onto what it is I'm trying to do...the thought I've had is a coffee table or end table--flat and round, of course--with a graphic of the Flat Earth map on top with his duty stations marked much like you might mark a map of places one has traveled.  I'm not set on this and am completely open to better/more interesting ideas.  I'm looking at the $800-$1000 price range.  Ideas?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Much appreciated! 

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