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I believe the earth has boundaries, just find and prove those boundaries.
Right here in northern Norway,
we can run an experiment where if you go north from northern Norway you get less and less sunlight.
We have conclusive evidence.
We need to find a friend who lives in northern Norway and fund him to sail north。

The experimental principle is based on a sphere, which is different from a plane。
1:Assuming that the earth is round, we select the latitude and longitude of the equator on the globe. According to this mark, we go to the corresponding place to put down the eye-catching sign, and then use the drone to observe. If the sign is a straight line, it means the earth is round, otherwise it is flat.
2:We all know about the Japanese nuclear radiation leak。
We can take advantage of these trajectories of nuclear radiation. If the earth is round, these nuclear radiation trajectories will continue to circulate and the concentration will continue to increase. If the nuclear radiation trajectories continue to spread to the outside and the concentration weakens, it means that the radiation flows to the outside, and the earth has boundaries!

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