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It's unfortunate that we're probably not going to be able to reconcile the science of Velikovskianism to FET. However, I think that his history may yet be able to match with FET, and reinterpreting his version of history as occuring on a flat earth should not take too much modification of his theories (however, this is not related to science, so I think that this may not be too relevant). Also, this gravity phenomenon in which materials coalesce into a sphere is only existent for large objects--there's a reason that the Moon is round and asteroids aren't.

If you are not familiar with the theories of Velikovsky, I recommend as a helpful source for understanding his theories. I have not read it, but I've definitely heard that his memoir Stargazers and Gravediggers is particularly enlightening, as is his magnum opus, Worlds in Collision.

Hello my friends!

I've recently come across the theories of a certain Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and I find them rather compelling. However, he unfortunately does not agree with the Flat Earth view, and I was wondering if any qualified scientists out there in our community could help me draft a version of Velikovsky's theories that would reconcile his alternate timeline and Venus' near collision with Earth with a flat, planar view of things. One thing that he did do, though, was suggest that gravity was not what it seemed to be and what we perceive as such is actually just electromagnetism.

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