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I was discussing plate tectonics with someone, without any intention or preconception that tectonic faults might be the place where the Flood of Noah "broke" forth from the "Fountains of the Deep". During that conversation, it struck me that it was entirely possible.

As we know, plate tectonics theory states that at fault lines, subduction occurs, whereby one plate is submerged and the other overlaps it. However, even as a child, I can recall seeing a photo of a fault line and thinking that "Clearly, I don't see any subduction here. That doesn't look like any kind of overlapping at all."

Could the forumers please examine these photographs of fault lines, and, without any bias (yes, very difficult), respond to the following?


  • Without any strings attached, and without attempting to deny or support any particular preconception, can you see, with your own eyes, subduction occuring at any of these fault lines?
  • Without any strings attached, and without any allegiances influencing your answer, answering truthfully based on what you see with your own two eyes: can you or can you not see smoothened rock at these zones? Do you see evidence of water attrition and smoothening?
  • Without attempting to defend or attack any specific model of belief: do these zones look like areas of subduction, or areas where some massive quantity of water seems to have gushed out?
  • With your own two eyes: do you see clear patterns of water channels around these zones?

Please of course, keep in mind that the idea of a worldwide flood is not unique to the Torah, and it is found in many old writings and historical records, so this does not necessarily challenge anybody's preconceptions in a virulent way.

Key text:
In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

As for my own personal view on this: I think the fault lines are really the places where Noah's flood "broke" forth from the depths of the earth, and that YHVH closed them up again when the earth was sufficiently covered. I think that they look exactly like what they look like: breakages in the earth's surface that have been closed up again.


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I cannot see what this has to do with a flat-earth. I'm moving it to our religion forum as it's fraught with torah-talk.


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This... Is relevant to my interests. I am currently investigating (read: procrastinating) similar matters myself.

Good to see some auto-moderation here, that makes me feel more comfortable about my own timid first posts, thank you. Indeed. You don't seem to know the bible well; I was under the impression 'Noah's Flood' came forth from the 'water's above the firmament'; and only drained out into the 'waters bellow'.

But as the auto-mod said, that sounds Torah. I prefer Pre-Hindu India, but hey, 90% of that is under water right now so the dead tale no tells (that was deliberate).


Hate to repeat myself already, only my 6th post, but here are two of my favorite links:


To swing this into Flat Earth a little, I would love to see if someone has the latter link in a Flat Earth Map Model proportion? All of my internets to you if so, thank you (not an official request but if you have it and don't mind sharing...) Also, the Hindi model is a flat Earth similar to biblical model, with 4 avatars where the angels otherwise sit. Thank you for the links, I'll be working on them; they do look more like 'stretch marks' than something water went back into, I give you that. The Grove Street link is broken now, but I am already familiar with that one, thank you. Also, hope you enjoy the underwater variations I've provided you.
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Notice how one side is raised higher than tbe other.  Thats your first clue.  The top is bunching up as the plate goes under.

Secondly, the really obvious stuff happens below the loose surface rock and soil.  The top layer doesn't go under the plate.  It gets scraped on top.
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Then too, the photos are of the San Andras Fault. This fault is a slip strike fault where one side is moving in the opposite direction of the other, not sliding one under the other.