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From what i've read the accepted theory that many flat-earthers believe is that the earth is illuminated by a spot light sun moving around the plane of the earth lighting up each part to make a day/night cycle. However, with the physics behind such a star aside, how has there been no other observations of them in our galaxy? Exoplanets have only been discovered pretty recently relatively speaking, but the suns that those planets orbit are quite blatantly orbiting at a very substantial distance. An example of this would be how space agencies can measure the size of planets by collecting the data from the dimming of the light coming from that sun. Im sure that quite a lot of people can use their common sense to figure out that a source of light so observably large can't create such a spotlight effect.

Secondly, how do other planets like Venus and Mercury get their day and night? Do they orbit the same spotlight? Or are there seperate spotlights for different planets?

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