We live in a lie
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We never want what we seek.

So why the game?

Why Gods?

What is opposite of Gods? human ofcourse. Mortal and Weak.

As we Humans we pretend and glorify things. For what? To hide our mind.

We never want our mind to wake up from the illusion we created.

Why are we afraid? Because existance is a lie.

I mean not just humans. All lifeforms obey same law.

Nothing go straight forever. After some time some distance all will be curved.

Basically earth is close looped system so is universe. Its only scale that is different.

Before beliefs , humans have dreams, before dreams , humans have imagination of disconnected things.

Before imagination , humans are sick of all the sensor signals he experienced and stuck like rest of the animals.

So what changed? Humans ate magic mushrooms so is chimpanzee. We were first. Chimpanzee may need another million years.

We created god so we dont die of endless over thinking.

A cure for mental disease.

Nature never lies. But observer always lies to himself. Because its like this  once he see one thing clearly ....it will have domino effect and he expose himself to a reality that he do not want.

What keeps humans alive for long time? his fantasies and dreams

if we use all our organ all the time ...we die off quickly of too much use.

Our body kinda suspended during our fantasies and sleep dreams.

When we get obsessed we forget things. A form of time dialation.

All we have is one thing. Fantasy.

Earth is flat Or Sphere. It do not matter anyways.

Not long ago i used to think and laugh at those flies get attracted tube light and die off its heat.

Humans are same way . its just that we have more time than flies. In astonomical scale we are smaller than those flies.

Why pessimistic? Truth is pessimistic.

Truth is death (absolute and non existing) Lie is continous change( only possible in closed loop system and existing)

Truth is DARK ENERGY that we dont see. LIE is all the matter in the universe.

All matter exist because there is something moving inside and there is heat because of it.

When there is no heat, matter collapse and become dark energy .

if we keep cooling atom , we can see smallest particle. I dont know what they are doing in Large hadron collider


So why we have not found ?

We are always trapped by what we know. its just that.

We wont understand god's (non existing) language is that we created a macro language. 

Human limit is his language.

May be in a few million years if earth still exist we may communicate thru electro magnetic wave...instead of words and beliefs.

Energy? Not really.

We do possess it. We all experienced DEJA VU. But its happen only when things are in resonance.

But if humans do develop those skills , he wont be humans at that time.  Uber Human?

Human can replace all organ but replacing or augmenting brain ? He becomes hybrid robot

Anything you see in MAIN STREAM MEDIA is a lie. They are propagating lie about everything.

If we live in a lie , everything has to be lie. So what that mean. Lie has its own degree.

Even God is there or alien is there , How can you understand them?

We reflect our belief in everything instead of understanding the nature.

May be its for our own survival. humans do not want to near the shadow of truth. For him Truth is a virus


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Re: We live in a lie
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Lighten up, Francis.
I hope you understand we're maintaining a valuable resource here....


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Re: We live in a lie
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What, and I think I speak for all of us, the fuck are you talking about?
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Re: We live in a lie
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And this is why you don't raise learning AIs on Nietzsche.


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Re: We live in a lie
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We never want our mind to wake up from the illusion we created.

Why are we afraid? Because existance is a lie.

Naw dude, that's just you.
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Re: We live in a lie
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People may think murder is greatest crime.

For me most cruelest crime is

Expose human's game.

I did not expose his game in my post above.

I only let him find his own path to truth if he desires and ready.

Problem human face is mind chatter.

Its like this. People may think they would be happy without pain.

But its not possible.

Pain is way body cures dead cells.

If you remove pain or fear... it would be instant death.

We play blame game mainly because we want to hide behind something.

Even if we look in the mirror we only look at the person's belief not the real one.

All my words without drug or drink. Imagine what i will write if i am drunk?

I may accidently expose human's game.

We get attached to things by design.  Job money stuff... But can we be satisfied with anything?

If you are satisfied then you start the death process.

As a lifeform we must march on endlessly.

Thats bottom line.

I mean even God comes and talk to human , human will call God as conman and run away.

Faster we try everything , slower we will become in achieving things.

Keep at it my little humans.