Re: How does FE think that GPS works?
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Only a mtn man who never leaves the cave doesn't understand GPS and Radar are virtually the same thing. And this company is offering an alternative to spending big bucks on Sats that don't exist. There paying for sats and getting towers, balloons, repeaters and HF.
Have to try and post quickly before you suspend me.

GPS and radar both use electromagnetic radiation, AKA radio waves. That is where their similarity ends.

BTW, here is another quote from that companie's website
To operate GPS via HF you will need

Mobile station

Codan HF transceiver NGT AR, NGT AR Voice, NGT SR fitted with Option GPS
GPS receiver with NMEA-0183 compatible output format
See, their website, which you referenced, says you still need a GPS receiver. Case closed.

Not so fast cave dweller. That has nothing to do with the GPS receiver making contact with a Sat. Here's a link to the product and on page 45 you will see this as what it is for. To pinpoint your distance from a remote transceiver.

"If you have Option GPS Enable installed, and a GPS receiver
connected, you can view your own position, and the distance
and bearing to a remote transceiver from which you have
received a position."

"The transceiver calculates the distance to the remote
transceiver and its bearing from true north with respect to your current location." In this example it was 1832km, obviously not a sat.

Heres a video of HF GPS

You DO understand you can't put a HF receiver in your phone, regardless of the rest of these ideas right?

According to your video, HF waves are from 3-30 MHz. That gives us an antenna of 100-10m in size. Quarter wave still gives us a minimum size of 2.5m. I don't know about you, but my phone isn't over 2m in size to house an antenna like that.


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Re: How does FE think that GPS works?
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