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In the FES Wiki there is an entire section dedicated to The Conspiracy (Space Travel)

In early June and more recently, I asked questions to try and dig deeper into how Flat Earth believers explain how details of The Conspiracy work or the logic behind.

One of them being why Boeing / NASA would fake vent leak issues in space, thruster valve locking issues in space, and most recently a postponement and return back to Earth from space if their motive is to further America's millitaristic dominance of space. Faking such major quality issues / design issues can hardly be seen as furthering America's millitaristic dominance in space.   

The postings were sincere and I really wanted to understand from Flat Earthers their logic on this but postings were moved to Complete Nonsense. Am still a little new to this site and wanted to know if questions about the deeper aspects of The Conspiracy are generally censored or off limits in terms of inquiry.

Based on this past Monday's eclipse, I wanted to inquire about a flat earth model that could show how that particular Apr. 8 eclipse worked.

- In the TFES animation model, the Sun and Moon rotate above the flat earth plane in a circular clock-wise motion (sun "rising" east and setting in the "west" / moon moving in the same circular "east" to "west" general path).

- But, the narrow path of the Apr. 8 total eclipse took an opposite direction (southwest to northeast) path over the United States.

Is there a flat earth animation model that shows how the Sun and Moon moving in a Clockwise ("east" to "west") direction produces an eclipse whose path moves in a southwest (Texas) to northeast (Maine) direction over the US?

One of my favorite authors is David McCullough. He's written a lot of great biography's including John Adams and the Wright Brothers.

In his biography about the Wright Brothers, he writes about how people (back in the day) were full of skepticism with many not believing that air travel / powered flight was possible. Many believing the Wright Brothers to be either exaggerating or lying about their achievements.

Came across the attached which, to me, was interesting because it has a lot of similar themes or parallel's to the belief in space travel either not being possible or being a lie.

It is known that the Wright Brothers went through many design iterations and failures where they built upon their learnings over time before finally achieving success in air travel.

Similarly, rocket companies such as SpaceX went through many design iterations and failures before achieving consistent success in (for example) re-usable rocket booster landings. 

Flat Earth Theory / The Conspiracy Theory of Space Travel being a Hoax
« on: January 27, 2024, 02:10:14 AM »
I appreciate the content that this membership site provides and find it refreshing as compared to many of the Facebook sites; I've found those to be a bunch of back and forth series of memes and name calling from both sides (both Round Earth and Flat Earth) that really don't offer much civil discourse.

I am still new to this site and have read the Wiki to be sure I understand Flat Earth Theory as best as I can.

- With respect to the Flat Earth Theory of space travel being a hoax I was curious to know from flat earthers on this site if the space travel hoax (performed by NASA and other country space agencies) is something that you are 100% confident exists OR do you have doubts in this hoax being a reality? If any doubts, would be curious to know what those doubts are.

- In addition to the above Theory, would also be curious to get flat earthers' take on how 24 hours of sunlight in Antarctica occurs or is possible on a flat earth model; I've read the section in the Wiki that refers to a YouTube video which uses a solid piece of magnifying glass to depict Earth's atmosphere and a flashlight to depict a local Sun; this model setup is highly inaccurate as the Earth's atmosphere isn't solid glass and the scale of the local Sun (using a flashlight) to the flat earth model being used is almost 1:1; the scale should represent the scale of what flat earthers believe the small local Sun to be as compared to the diameter of the flat earth plane. For example if the diameter of the flat earth plane is say 7,900 miles and the local Sun is say 30 miles, than the spotlight diameter should only be about 0.4% of the flat earth plane diameter.       


Hi all. Joined this site as of yesterday and am in process of reading the Wiki as well as the FAQ's. Looking forwards to some good debate.

For the Seasonal Daylight Patterns section, I did want to challenge the following model accuracy statement: "where wide extents of the Earth receive daylight when the Sun moves to the South, can be explained with a magnifying dome model where the light creates broad shapes at different positions."

1. per YouTube video, using a solid magnifying glass dome to simulate our Earth's atmosphere: our Earth's atmosphere is not 'solid' glass and so the model setup is inaccurate. The above statement is misleading. 

2. per same YouTube video, the scale of the simulated Sun(light) shining upon the model: the spotlight diameter of the simulated local Sun being used in the model setup is much larger in size or scale than should be represented with a claimed local Sun that is only about 30 miles in diameter to the flat earth plane.

Would be curious to get either the authors take or a flat earthers take on this model setup.

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