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gravity in different places and universal acceleration
« on: April 10, 2024, 08:27:49 PM »
I saw a video where a man had a scale and a weight that he showed, then took went on an airliner a thousand miles away and showed the weight was slightly different. I googled "does gravity vary in different places?". I got results that said that due to different mass in different places, gravity does vary. Greater in mountains, less above trenches, which makes sense if gravity is attraction between masses as claimed by conventional consensus science.

Questions for FEs: Is this true, does gravity vary slightly in different places? Perhaps error or conspiracy? If gravity does vary, and gravity is due to universal acceleration (per the wiki?), does that mean that different places have slightly different acceleration? Seems to me that would distort the flatness over time. Places with less gravity would accelerate slightly slower, thus falling behind and so getting lower and lower compared to average, and mountains having more gravity would be accelerating. They would get continuously higher.

Should the universal acceleration theory be discarded, or is there an FE explanation for varying gravity?
I am really curious about so many FE things, like how at sunset in Denver, people in St Louis see the dome as dark with stars, while people in Salt Lake City see the same dome as light blue. FE scientists don't know or won't tell me.


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Re: gravity in different places and universal acceleration
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2024, 11:59:22 PM »
The surface of the earth is most certainly accelerating upwards. See the page on Universal Acceleration and the sub pages in the end section which goes through the evidence. There is so much evidence for this that even in the official Round Earth Theory, the surface of the earth is accelerating upwards through the hidden dimension of curved spacetime to explain the multitude of physical and experimental evidence. The fact that mainstream physicists need this sort of meta-physics with hidden realities to conjure together an explanation is itself a proof, and one of my favorite proofs.

In regards to the gravitational changes by location, there have been some internal FE hypotheses over the years that the earth is accelerating upwards as the primary effect and there may be a small amount of gravitation as an addition. However, the latest research on gravitational variations seems to show that there is conflicting evidence on this subject and there likely are  no gravity changes. Universal Acceleration reigns supreme. See this page on that topic: