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So perhaps there are ways to explain away gravity, orbits of planets, what is off the other edge and so on.

The thing that I don't understand is why anyone would be pretending the Earth isn't flat if it was. For thousands of years separate societies all over the world have reached the conclusion the Earth is round, it isn't a new idea and it wasn't an isolated one.

Why would this conspiracy have been running for thousands of years - who gains from it?

It must be something huge, right? Over time millions must have been involved in this if it is a conspiracy being kept from 'the people' and hundreds of thousands more must have been there to enforce this never getting out into the public.

Re: Why?
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I've been asking this question for a few months. Why would it be beneficial to lie about this? If it were beneficial, wouldn't it hurt tremendously more to keep the lie rather than share it? I'd like a manifesto of all the people and groups that benefit from people believing the earth is flat and how they benefit.

What's more is that all civilizations before ours and after B.C. that were scientifically influenced knew the earth was round, and some before then, contrary to "Columbus discovering it in 1492" like grade school teaches.


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Re: Why?
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Start here: https://forum.tfes.org/index.php?topic=10088.0

You'll notice you're supposed to have read the FAQ and browsed the Wiki prior to posting here
Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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