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Eclipses - What NASA Doesn't Tell You
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:28:40 AM »
I’ve been researching eclipses. I ran across a YouTube comment stating as a matter of fact that “Rahu and Ketu” are causing them. So curiously I began to dig into it.


It turns out that ancient India knew about two stelar bodies that were responsible for eclipses and moon phases.

Although I don’t get involved with occultism, such as astrology, it should be noted that all astrology is based on physical bodies which really exist. So it makes no sense that they would base all their readings on [real] stars and planets, and then add in two bodies that are made up myth. Hence I concluded that the two bodies they call Rahu and Ketu were real and observable—not only that but there are still Indian astrologers who still know about them today—the knowledge has been passed down to them for generations.

After digging some more I found that these stelar bodies have been called many other names throughout history. I’m still looking for more mentions of them, but so far they have been known by the following names: “Rahu & Ketu, Nibiru, Black Sun, 2nd Moon, 3753 Cruithne.”


I also found a web page with the following quote, and I feel this is the most significant find I’ve made on the subject.

“In 1982 NASA recognized the possibility of the existence of an extra sun planet. In 1983 NASA launched the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) which located an object near the constellation Orion. The Washington Post published an interview with JPL scientist (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Gery Neugebauer, IRAS’ chief scientist said: "All I can say is that we know what it is." NASA observes Nibiru SPT from his new telescope located at the South Pole, all governments know this….” —Cosmoecóloga, 14/9/11



The previous interview says a lot. There is an object, it is near, and they are hiding it from us. The opposite of hide is to tell, and so they are definitely hiding knowledge from us.

The satellite IRAS was launched on January of 1983. It used infrared light to catalogue all anomalies in the sky. They claim IRAS was sent into outer space; but you and I know they’ve never gotten past earth orbit and can’t get past the Van Allen Belts - hence this object is as near to us as the moon and sun which are only a few thousand miles above our heads, up with the higher clouds—the stellar body must be slightly lower than the sun for it to block its light during a solar eclipse.

Regarding eclipses, there is a little known and little reported phenomena where the sun and moon are both visible on opposite horizons at the same time, and yet the moon goes into eclipse. Scientists avoid this, and an idiot on YouTube tries to explain it as: the light of the sun bends under the earth to eclipse the moon—yet he also notes that the shadow comes from above rather than below. But his is not a reasonable or logical deduction, as the light of the sun would actually need to bend BEFORE hitting earth (rather than going under the earth), so as to cast earth’s shadow ONTO the moon—the man is clearly groping for an explanation that incorporates his indoctrination of the sun being over ninety million miles away. In one video below the “shadow” comes from the side rather than from above the moon - making the “sunlight bends under earth” theory even more ridiculous.

They’re hiding this knowledge from the public to keep the flat-earthers from having a solid explanation for solar eclipses.

My hypothesis so far, based on reason, is that the dark body may be above and behind the sun most of the time, and we can’t see it because we can’t look at or past the sun (from our view on the ground). But ancient Indians said that there are two of these bodies, one for the sun and one for the moon. One body is said to be the blackest black. When shining a laser on a flat black surface, the blackness completely consumes or envelopes the light. Therefor we would not be able to [see] such an object unless it a) moves in front of the sun or moon, or b) covers our view of the stars at night. But as it absorbs light, it would be nearly undetectable the rest of the time. There are many theories we could contemplate on this; but one fact remains above all our theories - that NASA “know what it is,” and how it operates; but they aren’t telling us anything.

It should also be noted that this explains the Nibiru hoax. I’ve been trying to figure out for a few years now why stories of Nibiru came out of nowhere and began to overwhelm the internet with prophecies about a planet that’s going to collide with earth and cause a cataclysm, and all that crap. When I found that these bodies have always existed, the Nibiru stories suddenly made sense. The governments are conditioning our minds to explain the bodies away when they are discovered by the public. They don’t have to admit that they were hiding this all along, they just say “Nibiru is here” - or even better, just let the people argue about it according to the pre-conditioning the govt. planted in the public mind. Rather than embracing these bodies which have always been among us, they have instilled in the public a fear of the objects, which are integral and symbiotic, friendly to life on earth.

So far I’ve collected 25 photos of these bodies, taken by amateur photographers. I believe the reason there aren’t more photos is simply because people don’t know they exist. But the word will get out, and this will change… And of course NASA will cram a load of shit down the public’s throat when it does. AND you can expect a lot of fraudulent photos to start surfacing, and the purpose of those will be for a doppelganger to make the real photos appear fraudulent.

I’ve been looking for more information on this. Any links to the past, or evidence from the present, is welcome. I’ve spent some time recently looking up at the sky; but these bodies are elusive—and I don’t have long range equipment for viewing—not to mention, chem-trails make it difficult to see the sky with clarity.

More people need to observe the skies and take photos and video of the bodies. NASA may be hiding the details from us; but we can still expose the truth. I don’t know why they bother fighting it, truth always prevails.

(Note to the NASHOLES. I've download all videos and articles. If any are taken down, I'll just re-upload and re-blog them in mass quantities - and I know enough to use a ghost computer - so don't bother.)

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