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Flat Earth Community / Re: I've always desired to speak with you
« on: April 24, 2021, 08:28:55 AM »
I'm new here too.  I am interested in flat earth / round earth debate for my own reasons, because years ago I read about some surveys that were done to simply plan a small town, but the surveyors were puzzled to find that their surveys indicated a concave earth, when the entire area was almost at sea level and appeared to be "flat" to the observer.  This caused me to consider perception as the cause of belief in flat or round earth, regardless of what people believe is evidence. 

Your mention of Pacman reminded me of my own thoughts I had some time ago.  Assuming a sheet of paper represents a flat plane of a 2d universe, a 3d observer such as a human sees a bird's-eye view of the entire 2d universe...  a feat impossible from within the 2d universe.  I wondered if that is analogous to a 4d observer looking at a round 3d earth.  Simply put, do some people simply believe the earth is flat, because it is, from a higher perspective, and others believe it is round from an earthly perspective, when in fact it is both flat and round, depending on the characteristics of the observer?
 This occurred to me while considering biblical references to the four corners of the earth.  It's just a thought.

Flat Earth Community / Re: i dont understand someone help please
« on: April 24, 2021, 07:59:30 AM »
Last year, I was watching the "Live View" of the earth from the ISS, and the earth vanished from the display, but left a white cut-out shape where it should have been.  After about a minute, the feed turned off.  Since that happened, I've wondered if the display is actually from a camera/cameras on the ISS or not, and if it is, whether the huge curve is the actual horizon or just an overlay, as that is what it appeared to be when I saw the glitch.  I'm not out to prove anything, but I thought it was a curiousity.

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