double-strand hose scale
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the discussion of whether flat earth or spherical earth is simply stuck because of the lack of attempts.

It is undisputed that an unprocessed photo of the earth could be taken from the geostationary orbit with even the cheapest disposable camera and a 55-degree angle of view, although NASA claims it would not work.

That only doesn't work if you reject the rules of mathematics and their trigonometric functions or there is no political will for it or you can't get there because of the firmament and the radiation, but then no one was above it either.

So we can't sort it out like that, not with our budget.


If we build a double-strand hose scale with a length of more than 20 km, then it can be done with a small advertising budget from a hose manufacturer and a few tripods (wooden poles) and cable ties and a precisely working range finder (laser).

Building instructions from the German site Kaiserrundfunk.

en-Translation: glass, hose, pressure equalization (due to Bernulli effect), laser, level
original-de-picture: Glas, Schlauch, Druckausgleich (wegen Bernulli-Effekt), Laser, F├╝llstand

If we see the same curvature as the spherical earthers claim, then the flat earth is destroyed.

If we see a straight line, then the spherical earth has been destroyed. If we see something in between (my guess) then both theories are destroyed or require an experiment on an even larger scale.

It works because it only has one outlet for pressure equalization, i.e. the Bernulli effect acts on both sides and is thus compensated, as does the air pressure, because the displacement principle works and the shape of connected vessels has no influence on the level. This eliminates the disadvantages of the simple hose level.

Of course a control group is needed and we get this by exact distance measurement at fixed points at both ends of the level gauge to many fixed triangle points around and everywhere on solid ground, because solid land is so immovable that the curvature and the measuring errors have no chance to remain undetected and everything is open in one Database visible.

Comparative measurements and majority logic demonstrate how a football cannot be wallpapered with grid paper without distortion, without incisions or folds, but surveyors only produce flat textures and that is exactly a contradiction to the spherical earth, so that they would have to bend the measurements in a criminal way at a central point and that would have to be proven - it can't fit anywhere when measuring long distances with precision. The combination of precise distance measurement and double-strand hose level scale should prove that the diameter of the earth cannot be correct.

At least three devices from different manufacturers should display exactly the same values in order to get an entry in the database. May the best manufacturer win the competition of accuracy.

There must also be a confidence interval within which we don't need to discuss measurement errors outside the interval, so they must be accurately calibrated devices.

The games are on.
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