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Flat Earth Community / Apollo Software Programmer Margaret Hamilton
« on: July 13, 2022, 10:49:24 PM »
Margaret Hamilton is known as one of the pioneering software programmers that supported the Apollo program to the Moon.

There is an iconic picture of Margaret standing next to 5 feet of stacked programming code binders. (see attached TODAY interview).

For TFES space travel conspiracy believers, do you believe that Margaret:

- was IN on the hoax and was writing bogus software that really did nothing? And, so in the interview, she is lying?
- was IN on the hoax and was writing software that took Lunar Module and Lunar Lander on a trajectory but not to the Moon (e.g. secretly ditching in the Ocean)? And, so in the interview she is lying?
- was NOT IN on the hoax and thought she was writing software programming to get Apollo to the Moon but is mistaken?

There are various aspects to the space travel conspiracy that I am curious to understand how space travel conspiracy believers believe they were pulled off.

Flat Earth Theory / Moon landing hoax question
« on: May 02, 2022, 12:38:25 AM »
For Moon landing hoax believers, why wouldn't Russia have faked a landing on the Moon before the USA did?

Suggestions & Concerns / Flat Earth Theory
« on: April 01, 2021, 01:51:12 PM »
In the Flat Earth discussion board, adjust or tune the FLAT EARTH THEORY title to be FLAT EARTH THEORY INCLUDING SPACE TRAVEL CONSPIRACY THEORY.

With THE CONSPIRACY section making up a large part of the Wiki and it being a fundamental belief amongst many flat earthers (perhaps not all but many), its just a suggestion to include it in the main upper fora discussion board.


Flat Earth Theory / Inquiries about Flat Earth theory of the firmament.
« on: November 02, 2020, 12:21:26 AM »

Just some curious inquiries and questions about the theory of a Firmement. Hopefully this can also drive some spirated debate.

• Is the belief of a Firmement a mainstream belief within TFES, a kind of 50/50 split belief within TFES, or a fringe belief within TFES? I have come across comments from some FE believers that are skeptical on the notion of a  firmement so was just curious.

• For those TFES members that do subscribe to the belief in a Firmament, what are the specifics behind its composition, material properties, and thickness. I have seen one FE'er describe the material as a glass dome, but not sure if that's the generally accepted belief.

• How thick would such a Firmamemt need to be?

• Or, is the material of some type of exotic material that man has yet to discover? It would have to withstand the harsh elements of the atmosphere while staying crystal clear all the time. If it was glass, it would be very heavy.

• How is the firmament dome connected to the flat Earth plane? Also, does the Firmament continue to the back side of the Flat Earth?

• Have Firmaments been observed on other celestial bodies?

Thank you.


This Sunday, Astronauts Bob and Doug are scheduled to return to our globe Earth from space travel on the ISS, thus ending the Demo 2 phase from NASA and Space X.

Was wondering if there are any planned observational / telemetry type experiments from TFES / FE'ers whom believe that space travel is a conspiracy, in order to stress test this belief which is on the WIKI.

For example, Bob and Doug are to enter the Earth's atmosphere at over 15,000 miles per hour, which is over 20 times mach speed. If space travel is a hoax, then what hypothesis and theories could explain a man made capsule being able to appear in the sky and travelling at over 20 times mach speed?

Also, if Bob and Doug never went to space, where would they have been over the past few months, if not on our Earth? Would they have been kept in some type of secret location on the ground, secretly launched in a capsule on Sunday and then performed the hoax of re-entry?

Also, are there any Flat Earthers that are body language experts that plan to watch Bob and Doug's post entry press interview to see if they are lying?


Flat Earth Theory / The Infinite FE plane model and EA
« on: June 20, 2020, 09:19:44 PM »
I understand that there are alternate models of the FE plane, one of them being that the FE is infinite or perhaps extends to another series of outer Antarctic ice walls.

In an infinite FE plane model or one that reflects multiple outer Antarctic ring layers, as sunrays from our Sun likely would not be able to reach these outer areas do to the theory of EA light bending, do FE'ers believe these areas to be without life and perhaps a temperature gradient as cold as space. For these areas that would have never seen sunlight due to EA light bending, would these be uninhabitable dead zones? Are there FE images or models of what this might look like?

Also, would the moon also not be visible from these outermost areas due to the EA theory of bendy light?


Flat Earth Community / Did Rowbotham use Conspiracy Theories?
« on: May 30, 2020, 02:30:18 PM »
Hi. I recently purchased a copy of Rowbotham's Earth not a Globe as interest in learning more about the development theories for a flat earth.

For those that have either read his book or have a deeper understanding of Rowbotham's FE theory, was curious to know if Rowbotham also used or leveraged conspiracy theories to help develop FE theory.

Much like FE believe that space travel is a conspiracy and that astronauts are lying, did Rowbotham (during his time in the 1800's) also subscribe to or mention any conspiracy theories in his day to help support his FE theory.

Or did Rowbotham only subscribe to experimentation and testing as the method of proof.



Would be curious to know if there has been any correlation study done or data gathering excercise to track the growth (or decline) in the belief of the earth as being a flat disk vs. Time, starting before the age of the internet and going up to this year.

My prediction would be that believing in a flat disk earth as well as the space travel conspiracy that goes with it would be:
- very small, say in the 1980's and into the 1990's
- with the age of the internet booming in the 1990's and into the 2000's the uptick would still be relatively small
- into the mid 2000's to now would see a huge uptick and exponential growth.

I believe that people who have come to believe in the existence of a flat earth disk as well as the space travel conspiracy get to this point because:
● they tend to more easily fall into the internet rabbit holes of information and conspiracy theory's, unable to have sufficient insight into what's real VS. not real. The advent of the internet magnifies this.
● misinformation on the internet yields becomming misinformed into believing that they're on the forefront of self-awarenes and onto a big discovery.

It would be interesting to also see this data expressed across age groups, where I would predict that younger people (say in their early 20's to mid 30's) would comprise the majority of the flat disk belief.

Thank you.

Suggestions & Concerns / ANSWERS TO YOUR MANY QUESTIONS Sticky
« on: May 04, 2020, 08:52:46 AM »

I realize that within each Forum section there is a READ BEFORE POSTING sticky.

In order to help mitigate the new folks that ask common questions or questions already answered in the Wiki, just wondering if either the title of the sticky should be tweaked (i.e. ANSWERS TO MANY QUESTIONS HERE / READ BEFORE POSTING) or a second sticky added that says something like ANSWERS TO MANY QUESTIONS HERE with the hyperlinks.

Tweaking the title of the sticky a little might help a little to mitigate recurring questions.

I think the overall forum site is well organized with a lot of great info. and so just offering up some thoughts that could help further fine-tune.


Flat Earth Investigations / A flaw with the Flat Earth model?
« on: April 29, 2020, 03:11:50 AM »

No matter where one is located on Earth, the same round side of the observed globe Moon always faces the observer.

In a Flat Earth model, the Sun and globe Moon orbit above the Flat Earth, as shown in the Wiki. The Sun And Moon are also much much closer to the Earth VS. the RE model.

For the Flat Earth model, if I am say in South America/ Lower South America, Africa/ South Africa, or Australia, it would appear that if I were to look up at the Moon, I would potentially observe the "back side" or "bottom side" of the globe Moon.

Yet, I have been to Cap Town-South Africa, Brazil, and Australia and observe the same side of the globe Moon with my telescope as I do when I am in the northern part of the USA, like Chicago. This observation is a factual observation by anyone else on Earth looking up at the Moon.

So, I am curious as to how seeing the same globed side "face" of the Moon would be possible in the FE model, no matter if one is located in Chicago, Australia, or South Africa?

I've read the Wiki several times and could not find any info. that helps answer the above question.

Thank you.

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