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Is there another sun somewhere that is invisible to us or something?
Cos the Spherical earth/heliocentric system explains these observations perfectly !!

Because I live on the 'bottom' of a spinning spherical earth ...
*I cannot see Polaris, but I can see the Southern Cross
*When I look at the stars they appear to rotate clockwise, not anti-clockwise
*I see the moon 'upside down'
I've travelled to the Northern Hemisphere numerous times ... and seen how different the stars and the moon are 'up' there!
Come on down and check it out FE believers... !!

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  • The Moon orbits spherical Earth!
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Re: How does the FE Model explain the phases of Venus, Mars etc
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2016, 02:40:54 PM »
They would just claim Venus and Mercury is orbiting the Sun with low inclination to the ecliptic (while the Sun circling above the flat Earth).
What i don't get is the outer planets, how are we able to see outer planets in opposition and conjunction relative to the Sun?
I'm also confused about the inner planet's orbital period, suppose the Sun circle above the Earth every 24 hours, Venus have a (sideral) orbital period of 224.701 days around the Sun. Why doesn't whatever force making the Sun circle Earth every 24 hours strip Venus and Mercury away?
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The size of the Solar system if the Moon were only 1 pixel: