If you could go to space, would you?
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If “space travel” became commercial, and was affordable, would you go? I don’t believe people have ever been to space nor sent any kind of craft to space, but if it was possible for regular people to go, how would they continue to lie about space travel? If you had the chance to go to space, thru NASA or Elon Musk or something, would you take it if only to prove flat earth? Why do you think they would be saying they’re working towards commercial space travel for the general population if they have never actually been to space?

Re: If you could go to space, would you?
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It would need to have a point. And not needlessly contribute to the depletion of finite resources and carbon emissions for what is just a glorified arsehole's roller-coaster ride

Re: If you could go to space, would you?
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The resources consumed make it a poor choice for tourism.  It would be very cool to go, but even if I could afford it I can not justify it.

If you do not think anything let alone anyone has been to space, how do you explain the 100s of 1,000s of people in all sorts of industries and government programs from many countries over the last 50 years or so that have a direction connection with such activity, all managing to keep the secret?
We do not have the technology nor the expertise to fake an ever increasing torrent of data from space over the past 60 years.  That data is not only self consistent, but consistent with ever improving observations from earth yet still holds new discoveries within. Plus of course GPS works and can not be faked.  Thus space travel is real and the earth must be round.

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Re: If you could go to space, would you?
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I think it's imperative that we begin space resource extraction as quickly as possible. Natural resources on Earth will become depleted, and the ecosystem destroyed unless we find another way.

We should establish O'Neill Cylinder colonies adjacent to 16-Psyche to manage mining and manufacturing operations. Another Cylinder colony adjacent to Titan basically serving as the solar system's gas station.