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I'm trying to separate the member from the thread here. This isn't a defense of anyone's past behavior and it's not really a condemnation of anyone's recent choices. As a general statement, it seems silly to lock an AR thread because you think the OP should have posted in the uppers. You could just move it to the right place instead of closing it and locking it, then allow discussion to develop in the appropriate venue. And if it would have been locked in the uppers and/or sent back to the lower boards, then it was kind of in the right place all along, wasn't it?


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The member cannot be meaningfully separated from the thread, I'm afraid. When an individual tries to invent ways to circumvent the rules (and the individual in question has been doing so for a long time, ignoring polite requests to stop), he leaves few alternative choices. AR has its purpose, but it is not a way to circumvent the forum rules.

In other words: no, starting a random thread in AR is not an issue, and no threads were locked "because mods think they belong in another board". Starting serious threads in AR regularly because you think it will make you exempt from the forum rules means you default to the "moderator discretion" section of the manifesto. Doubly so when you're on your final warning after multiple bans, alts, etc. etc.

So, your general statement stands unopposed. It also happens to be irrelevant, because this is not something that happens outside of the context you specifically chose to ignore, and because it never happens for the reasons you've outlined.

More generally, if you think you're very clever and found a way to totally own us by circumventing the rules, it probably won't work.
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