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What is the ideal mosquito population density for a continental land mass?

As long as it's close to 0 in my room.

do you leverage semi-analytic models in your climate simulations, or is it just a straightforward navier-stokes solver?

I don't know what you mean by semi-analytic models.

I don't use a Global Circulation Model (no naiver-stokes) as I'm not really interested in a climate simulation.

My research is niche I would rather not be specific for privacy concerns.

Aww yea those dogs are cute! Especially Grey Hounds <3

I'm still finishing up my thesis so I don't have a full time job I just help with teaching courses for $$$  ;)

I want to do a funded PHD with a scholarship which will give me a decent amount of money and I really like what I do so I'm excited.

You can get a whole variety of jobs as a math's person :) For example things that are data driven like a data science position or finance related roles. There's also research assistant roles at universities or RandD departments in businesses.

Applied mathematicians will have experience with statistics, modeling and data analysis related things. Pure mathematicians will have knowledge about theoretical things behind compsci things. Both would have picked up coding skills although applied more so especially since they tend to double major physics.

Basically, they have lots of tools to tackle a variety amount of jobs :)

DOGS! Especially small ones  :)

I have a math/physics degree, and my research is on mathematical modelling.

Ask me anything.

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